Hi Neighbors,

As you may have heard due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Government of Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency. As part of this the CKE Community Centre will be closed immediately. These new measures are necessary to limit the spread of the virus. Currently, we do not have a timeline for reopening. We are in close contact with both municipal and provincial government representatives and will keep you updated as best we can.

We are in unprecedented times in our lives and our top priority is the health and safety of our family, friends and community members. We must do our part to flatten the curve and give our health care system and workers the best chance to get us through this.

I encourage everyone to check in on neighbors or if help is needed please reach out to me directly or any other board member, we will do our best to get you what’s needed. We will continue to post updates on our website and social media outlets. As officials and retailers have stated grocery stores will remain open and over stocking on household goods and food is not necessary, our food chain supply is not at risk.

We are very grateful for our community and the help that many have been offering. We are resilient and we’ll get through this, be neighborly, keep our hands clean and stay positive.


Merritt Ranseth,

CKE CA President