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2023 Builder’s Award: Jane Howe

June 21, 2023

Jane Howe has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of pickleball in our community. Since 2017, she has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy to make our courts a much loved recreational space for many residents.

Jane’s warmth, friendliness, dedication and sense of fairplay make our courts a fun and inclusive space to play.

Jane has the organizational skills that only a librarian could possess. Her key contributions include organization of drop-in play sessions, both in our hall gym and outdoors, and organizing lessons for kids, new players and more advanced players.

In addition to regular play and lessons, Jane has organized tournaments and regular social events including Christmas parties and BBQs for the players. Jane’s partner, Justin Brennan is also worthy of a big shout out as he has donated much handywork throughout the courts such as installation of the outdoor equipment locker, whiteboards, brackets for brooms, and he even built boxes to organize players’ paddles. Both Jane and Justin lead the volunteers each spring to put up the nets and windscreens and then to take them down each fall. This job is immense but they somehow make it fun!

By providing regular opportunities for community members to come together and play, Jane has helped cultivate a vibrant and inclusive pickleball community. Her efforts have not only led to great camaraderie among neighbors but have also introduced many newcomers to the sport.

Overall, Jane Howe’s contributions to pickleball in our community have been exceptional. Her passion, organization, and belief in fair play and inclusion have not only helped establish and sustain the sport within our community but have also enriched the lives of many CKE residents .

CKE Courts are thought to be some of the best in the city and it’s not just because they’re dead gorgeous!

2023 Community Membership

May 16, 2021

Fall is Membership Time!

CKE Membership Drive kicks off annually in September.
Annual Memberships are $40 for families and $25 for seniors.

Due to COVID-19 this year, and to ensure the safety of our volunteers and neighbours, we will not be having canvassers going door-to-door. Our canvassing is one of the key ways for generating membership sales. With the hall having to be closed for 5 months, we lost revenue, had to cancel our key fundraiser and had expenses still being incurred. Please support the CKE Community by purchasing your 2021 membership as soon as possible.

Unsure if you have a valid membership for 2023?

Please email your name and address to [email protected] to find out!


There are a couple of options for purchasing:

  • Online or
  • Complete the form below and mail or drop it off in the Hall mailbox (1015 – 73 Avenue SW T2V 0R9). We are also offering to pick up the form from your home if needed. Please call Louise 403.289.2724 to arrange.


What does your membership money go towards?

  • Skating Rinks (tractor upkeep, fuel & lights)
  • Fall BBQ
  • Kids’ Halloween Parties
  • Website Upkeep & Communications
  • Operating Costs, such as:
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Snow Removal
    • Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up
    • Utilities
    • Insurance Safety Inspections

Thank you for your ongoing support!