Run.Jump.LEAD! is Calgary’s premier leadership program for girls, providing hands-on training in leadership and multi-sport physical activity! We deliver fun, supportive, and unique experiences to keep girls engaged in physical activity while fostering leadership skills starting at an early age.
Our unique dual-component program includes (1) Group leadership training where we learn, discuss and practice our skills in an encouraging and welcoming environment, and (2) Fun and inclusive multi-sport activities, games and relays that will develop a wide range of athletic skills, such as jumping, catching, throwing, balance, coordination, and speed. With like-minded coaches and mentors, we deliver high quality and positive experiences to keep girls engaged in physical activity and healthy lifestyles for the rest of their lives.
Little Leaders, ages 7-9
Saturdays 9:20-10:20am
Leaders in Motion, ages 10-12

Saturdays 10:35 – 11:50am

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