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CKE Community Engagement Survey

April 10, 2022

The results are in. A total of 544 residents completed the online community survey questionnaire developed in consultation with the CKE Community Association Board and the research firm of Stone-Olafson. All CKE residents were invited to participate.

You can view the survey summery here:  CKE Community Engagement Study Final

The highlights are as follows:

  • The biggest concern among respondents is keeping community schools open and viable. However, zoning/land use change and densification are also major areas of concern. Residents do not want to see an increase in multi-unit dwellings.
  • CKE residents highly value the community feel of the neighbourhood, and do not want to see a lot of new high buildings that do not match the character of the community.
  • There is a lack of trust with The City of Calgary in terms of what is good for local community development.
  • Few are in support of new types of developments in their immediate area, however there is more tolerance for larger homes on smaller properties than there is for multi-dwelling homes.
  • Residents want to see densification concentrated in the downtown core and along major transportation corridors and undeveloped commercial sites.
  • There is strong opposition to the Local Area Plan in the community. Few are in support of the plan, but 56% are also unfamiliar with the details.
  • The biggest concern residents have with the LAP is the impact it will have on the style of homes and character of the community. Many moved to the community because of the larger lots with single family homes and are worried their property value will be affected with the plan. An increase in multi-dwelling homes will also increase population, bringing fear that it will make the community busier and more crowded.
  • Residents are already concerned about the speed and congestion of traffic, and the prospect of densification accelerates these concerns. There is also significant concern that more traffic will result in decreased safety, noisier neighbourhoods, limited parking availability, and decreased property value.

A copy of the survey summary has been sent to Mayor Gondek, Councillor Penner, Mr. Dalgleish (GM Planning), Heritage LAP planners, and all Heritage LAP Community Associations. By providing our city officials and all relevant planning committees the results of the survey, we strongly hope that the Heritage LAP will reflect the desires of the majority of CKE residents as expressed in the survey results.  

The winners of the 3 gift certificates are:

Janice S. from Chinook Park

Ryan S. from Kelvin Grove

Karen W. from Chinook Park

Thank you to everyone that completed the survey.

CKE Community Association Board

2021 Community Membership

September 1, 2020

Fall is Membership Time!

CKE Membership Drive kicks off annually in September.
Annual Memberships are $40 for families and $25 for seniors.

Due to COVID-19 this year, and to ensure the safety of our volunteers and neighbours, we will not be having canvassers going door-to-door. Our canvassing is one of the key ways for generating membership sales. With the hall having to be closed for 5 months, we lost revenue, had to cancel our key fundraiser and had expenses still being incurred. Please support the CKE Community by purchasing your 2021 membership as soon as possible.

Unsure if you have a valid membership for 2021?

Please email your name and address to to find out!


There are a couple of options for purchasing:

  • Online or
  • Complete the form below and mail or drop it off in the Hall mailbox (1015 – 73 Avenue SW T2V 0R9). We are also offering to pick up the form from your home if needed. Please call Louise 403.289.2724 to arrange.


What does your membership money go towards?

  • Skating Rinks (tractor upkeep, fuel & lights)
  • Fall BBQ
  • Kids’ Halloween Parties
  • Website Upkeep & Communications
  • Operating Costs, such as:
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Snow Removal
    • Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up
    • Utilities
    • Insurance Safety Inspections

Thank you for your ongoing support!