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2021 Builder’s Award: Dawn Messer & Dan Kennelly

September 1, 2021

Dawn Messer has been a board member for the CKE Community association for nearly 10 years, and in that time she has been the driving force behind so much of what makes our community outstanding. Not only was she instrumental in getting our hall built, but she has also been a trailblazer in clearing the path and showing the way for all of us on projects like our major social events of the year, our playground space, and our most significant fundraisers. Most recently, she has been the VP on our board and the power behind getting all of the last projects in our hall completed – from sound baffling and donor walls to basketball hoops and emergency repairs on the bold sign, we have Dawn to thank for everything. Dawn has served as a leader in our community, a mentor to our board members and a guiding light to all of our CKE neighbours as we strive towards creating a vibrant, connected and active community. Congratulations Dawn!

Dan Kennelly has also served as a board member for many years, in a variety of director roles. After stepping down from the board last year, Dan has continued to work daily on supporting the infrastructure of our community space in ways both large and small. I think it is safe to say, though I know he would never say it himself, that without Dan we would not have the rinks, the hall facility, the upgrades post construction, the rinks, or any of the smooth operating procedures that we’re able to enjoy today. Dan is always available to serve his community with his incredible insight and ability to solve even the most complex problems (from collapsing retaining walls to busted mailboxes), and we’ve been so lucky to have him as a leader supporting the CKE board and the CKE community association through the years.

2021 Community Membership

September 1, 2020

Fall is Membership Time!

CKE Membership Drive kicks off annually in September.
Annual Memberships are $40 for families and $25 for seniors.

Due to COVID-19 this year, and to ensure the safety of our volunteers and neighbours, we will not be having canvassers going door-to-door. Our canvassing is one of the key ways for generating membership sales. With the hall having to be closed for 5 months, we lost revenue, had to cancel our key fundraiser and had expenses still being incurred. Please support the CKE Community by purchasing your 2021 membership as soon as possible.

Unsure if you have a valid membership for 2021?

Please email your name and address to to find out!


There are a couple of options for purchasing:

  • Online or
  • Complete the form below and mail or drop it off in the Hall mailbox (1015 – 73 Avenue SW T2V 0R9). We are also offering to pick up the form from your home if needed. Please call Louise 403.289.2724 to arrange.


What does your membership money go towards?

  • Skating Rinks (tractor upkeep, fuel & lights)
  • Fall BBQ
  • Kids’ Halloween Parties
  • Website Upkeep & Communications
  • Operating Costs, such as:
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Snow Removal
    • Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up
    • Utilities
    • Insurance Safety Inspections

Thank you for your ongoing support!