Elysse Dalla-Longa currently works for Tidal Energy Marketing, the marketing arm of Enbridge Inc as a Senior Crude Oil Trader, focusing on marketing strategies for North American oil and NGL production.

Elysse joined the Calgary Petroleum Club “CPC” as a member in 2014 as an opportunity to enhance her professional networking interests. After two years of successfully spearheading initiatives to engage the younger membership base at the Club she was nominated to serve as a Governor on the CPC Board and is the youngest person to have been elected to the Board since Club inception in 1949. She was sought after by the CPC Board to lead, integrate and engage the organization’s growing young professional membership as well as enhance their online media presence. She played a key role in fostering this initiative, which has successfully enrolled over 300 young members. With the recent oil and gas industry downturn, Elysse has initiated several programs within the club to support members in career transition as a result of industry restructuring. This program has allowed business professionals to “stay connected” and the effect has been turning what would otherwise be a difficult time into an opportunity for the Club to support the business community while looking for creative and innovative ways to harness underutilized human capital.

Elysse has also received the Young Women in Energy Award in 2017 for her contributions to changing the face of the energy industry by challenging the status quo and promoting diversity. Beyond Elysse’s normal workday, she has been focused on two other professional interests, staying connected to the community and ensuring the longevity of the energy industry opportunities in Calgary.