Survey and Research

Community survey results show support for new hall

The CKE Association is exploring the possibilities of provincial and municipal funding to support the development of a new community hall, versus on-going and expensive repairs to the existing building. In order for CKE to create a meaningful gathering place, we sought input from residents on what improvements they would like to see and how they would use the centre in the future.

“Based on the survey results, we clearly see that our community hall has the potential to play a bigger role in meeting residents’ needs in the future,” said Wendy Kennelly, CKE president. “Thank you to those who took the time to respond and to Tim Olafson of Stone-Olafson for volunteering to manage the survey. Your input has been important in determining the community’s support factor and given us a strong sense of how to proceed.”

“CKE residents take a lot of pride in their community. Whether they have lived here most of their lives or just moved in, most intend to stay for many years,” said Olafson, Partner at Stone-Olafson. “Our survey shows that people believe a new community centre would be an investment in the future. Even some CKE seniors who do not have children at home gave feedback that they would like to see the neighbourhood children and their families have a facility to go to that reflects the growth of the community.”

Submissions were received from over 176 CKE residents through an online survey during the spring and summer, as well as at the spring Wine & Whiskey community event.

Survey Highlights
  • Most residents have not used the community centre building itself, largely due to the building’s state of disrepair, size and lack of access. Given this, residents are largely dissatisfied with the current CKE community facilities and lack of programming.
  • High level of support from residents willing to contribute time and money for new hall
  • Concerns about cost and maintenance of new structure
  • Improved kitchen facilities, space for a variety of programming for all ages and better building access top the list of priorities for a new building (on both an unaided and prompted basis)
  • Kitchen facilities are seen as a priority not only for the sake of CKE residents’ usage, but also as a draw for rental revenue opportunities.

See complete results by downloading the full CKE Survey Report

A full discussion of the survey results, building design, financial elements and future plans was held at a Town Hall meeting on Monday, December 9, 2013 at the community hall.

“We are excited about the possibilities that a new community centre will bring to our neighbourhood,” said Kennelly. “To carry this project forward, we will be developing a capital campaign committee. The volunteer members will coordinate all aspects of bringing it to fruition—from design, planning, fundraising, reporting and more. Watch for updates as the committee starts their work.”