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Please submit proposal to Wendy Kennelly at [email protected] by July 6, 2018. Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted prior to June 25, 2018.

The CKE Community Association (the Association) is a tri-community association in southwest Calgary that represents approximately 3700 homes. CKE has completed fundraising for construction of a new $1.7 m community hall. The construction process will begin mid-year and a grand opening in early 2019. The Association is writing a new strategic business plan in preparation for the open of the new hall and a consultant will be required to optimize marketing and branding of the new facility and the Association. The strategic business plan will provide the framework for the proposed work outline.

*There is a Strategic Marketing Committee that will work with you, on behalf of the board, and carry a portion of the workload (i.e. historical information, trends, communication with Board, setting meetings, etc).

Our Overarching Goals:

  1. To generate premium rentals and programming revenue targets set out in the strategic business plan and;
  2. Refresh branding and communication channels used on a regular basis by the Association.

Scope of Work:

  • Communications Strategy
    Integrating the current brand (or refresh if suggested) with repositioning of the new hall for marketing the space
  • Website
  • Community Newsletter
  • Email formats
  • Paid advertising
  • Marketing open houses
  • Website Reconfiguration (Oversight And Quotes From Other Contractors If Required)
  • Refresh of photos and site map
  • New plugins for payments, calendars/bookings, membership sales, social media o Rental process, agreement, rates and payment options online
  • Ad & Promotion Timeline

Sales And Marketing Plan

  • Calendar for premium rental times
  • Reduced dark-time in new hall (no rentals – no programming)
  • Programs that encourage participation from other neighbourhoods
  • Calendar for ‘free and public’ programming o appropriate rental rates for each space
  • Ad design
  • Social media promotion
  • Targeted marketing (eg. art programs, seniors groups, exercise classes, etc)
  • ‘Grandfather’ Strategy For Existing Tenants
  • Outline payment structure that is supportive of existing, longtime tenants
  • Create an information package for existing CKE tenants (new pricing, calendars, services) o Plan to present information to existing tenants



  • Invitation to present a proposal (respond to RFP)
  • Preliminary meeting with CKE Strategic Marketing & Planning Committee o Begin research and planning


  • Review proposals and selection process
  • Board approval
  • Initial sessions with Strategic Marketing Committee


  • Committee finalizes draft of Business Plan and Projected Financials for Board approval
  • Present initial findings and suggestions to committee
  • Present initial marketing timeline and strategies


  • First presentation for Board of Director’s consideration on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 o Finalize budgets, timelines and strategies with committee


  • Final changes with board approval (second presentation if required)


  • Begin marketing and promotions activities based on a March 2019 opening
  • Work with committee for marketing & promotions launch
  • Project wrap up


  • Online consultation as required

Proposal Format:

  • Contact information
  • Plan for accomplishing project goals
  • Relevant samples of work and a brief description of results/outcomes
  • Pricing
  • Three references