New Hall Project Background

For more than half a century, the CKE hall has been a gathering place for Chinook Park, Kelvin Grove and Eagle Ridge residents. It has hosted seniors’ coffee get-togethers, kids’ Halloween parties and offered skaters a place to warm up after enjoying an afternoon on the rink.

Today, the hall no longer meets the communities’ needs. The structure is failing, in need of costly upgrades and the layout does not suit popular hall activities. The bi-level design makes it difficult for older or mobility impaired residents to use the hall, as they must use stairs to access any area.

“The hall has been an important resource over the past five decades,” said Wendy Kennelly, CKE Community Association president. “But we have outgrown the space and it will be too costly to go forward with mandatory upgrades. The structure is simply not meeting our needs anymore.”

Costly repairs needed to modernize existing hall: funds better spent investing in new structure to meet communities’ needs

A recent Golder and Associates assessment on the building’s structure and operating systems estimated the cost to repair and modernize the existing hall to be more than $400,000—including $123,000 in essential upgrades by 2015.

“These funds would be far better spent by investing in a new structure that meets our communities’ needs now and into the future,” said Kennelly.

The current hall was originally a house that was donated by a resident in the 1960s. It was initially used as a gathering place for social events, with little recreational sporting use. While not designed as a sport facility, the 2,000 square foot bi-level hall has since become a multi-use recreational sports hub, home to a number of local organizations ranging from football and dance groups to karate and fitness classes.

Last year, the floor threatened to collapse, forcing the closure of the hall for more than a month while it was temporarily remediated. Because the building was not designed for sport activities, the floors, walls and substructure are not holding up well to that usage.

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