New CKE Hall Legacy Naming Opportunities

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Leave your mark on the new CKE Hall with one of these many naming opportunities.*

Name the hall!

Blue Sky Room (multi-purpose room) SOLD

Haysom Family Living Room SOLD

Meeting Room
Skate Shack
Lifestyle Studio
Upper Terrace

Pidskalny-Robertson Fireplace SOLD
Williams Family Game Zone SOLD
Messer-Arsenault Rink Rat Garage SOLD
McQuiston Family Foyer SOLD
“The Lift” (accessibility)

Morley Family Reading Nook SOLD
Josie’s Bistro SOLD
Kelsey Place Coffee Zone SOLD
Capper Legacy Bench SOLD
Maison Senior Living Legacy Bench SOLD
Additional Legacy Benches available

Landscaping Naming Opportunities

*Note: We are currently working on architectural drawings to update and accommodate some change requests from community consultations.

Ideas for Group Giving

  • Are you in a book club? Bridge club? Part of a community team? OR how about getting together with your neighbours from your street?
  • We want to get creative with how we can recognize your group in the new hall in unique spaces for generations to come.
  • Work with our friendly Community Financial Advisor Dave who can work with your group to optimize your group charitable donation (pre-tax dollars!)
  • Example: name the studio after your cul-de-sac, the reading niche after your book club and more!

Charitable tax receipts and business receipts will be provided via Parks Foundation.

More Ways to Give

  • Monthly Giving: spread your donation over time. Click here>>
  • Group Giving: engage others and group your gift (e.g. name the studio after your cul-de-sac!)
  • Legacy Giving: in honour of a former member of the community or to celebrate a milestone
  • Corporate Giving: cash sponsorships and in-kind services and supplies to support the build

Get in touch with our fundraising team for more information>>