How to Build a Winter Container: Garden Workshop

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Winter Container

This year, Calgary experienced an amazingly long, mild fall. At time of writing, many tender plants were still flourishing and in the absence of a hard, killing frost, gardens were still looking great! Alas, by newsletter delivery time, these will have succumbed to the effects of repeated cold nights.

As winter inevitably approaches however, there are several things we can do to prepare our gardens for the cold weather to come. One of these is to give trees and shrubs a deep watering before ground starts to freeze. Even established trees and shrubs can benefit from the presence of good soil moisture levels to help them through the winter. If you have rain barrels to empty this is a perfect use for any excess water.

While it’s a great idea to leave much of your perennial plant material standing for some relief from the stark winter landscape, some plants are best cut back in the fall for health or aesthetic reasons. Peonies can suffer from botrytis – a fungal disease that affects stems, buds and leaves – so it’s best to completely remove the foliage and dispose of it. Other plants simply don’t add anything to the winter landscape such as daylilies, which tend to turn mushy with a hard frost.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your winter curb-appeal, winter planters can create great impact. The CKE Community Garden Committee is hosting a Winter Container Workshop on Saturday, November 14th from 10:30 am until 12:00 pm.

Join Barbara Kam, co-author of ‘The Prairie Winterscape’, and owner of Edenscapes for a talk and demonstration that will show you how to create spectacular winter containers. Join us at the CKE Community Hall for some great inspiration and ideas!


Get some friends together – it’s a great way to spend some time chatting and creating a natural seasonal accent for your home. Presenter Barbar Kam from Edenscapes will happily guide you in arranging your piece.

When: November 14, 2015
10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Where: CKE skate shack
Who: Presenter – Barbra Kam from Edenscapes

Sponsored by the Garden Committee (no charge to participants)