HIGH Fitness

Join the fitness HIGH!

Aerobics is back! Bigger, Better and HIGHer!

HIGH Fitness is a hardcore, fun fitness class that incorporates aerobic interval training choreographed to music you love. . It combines FUN (pop songs of old and new that everyone knows and loves) and INTENSITY (interval, plyometrics and cardio) with CONSISTENCY (each song has specific, simple moves taught the same by all HIGH instructors.  HIGH Fitness produces a high caloric burn and full-body toning through its carefully formulated choreography that alternates between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks. Get addicted to HIGH!

Dates and times:
Mondays, 9am to 10am

First time free!

$10 Drop-in OR $90 for a 10x pass

What to expect:

– simple to follow choreography

– plyometric type interval training moves: tuck jumps, burpees and jump squats, etc. (though options provided to suit all  levels of fitness)

– concentrated full-body toning moves that sculpt you from top to bottom

– a fun and welcoming environment 🙂

You are guaranteed to have a sweaty blast!!



Lindsey Stene