CKE Pays It Forward

As all of us know and learned during last year’s devastating floods, community does not lie in the homes of the people that live in it—community is in the hearts of the people who come together to show support for one another.
As Calgarians, we were all humbled by the outpouring of community action that followed the flood. CKE community members can honestly say that they care and that they helped.

During the month of October, CKE officially launched the Pay It Forward initiative to increase community engagement in our neighbourhood. The goal was to inspire people to act and become more engaged in the community

This involved people performing random acts of kindness for others in the neighbourhood without expecting anything in return. Instead, people were instructed to ‘pay the kindness forward’ to others in need, essentially creating a positive ripple effect of giving.

So how big does each good act of kindness need to be? It was (and continues to be) as big or small as you would like to make it; from helping a neighbour mow their lawn to offering to help a mom with her kids for a day, to not charging a client for work. The aim was to simply put a smile on another’s face.


Some of the community initiatives CKE was involved with last year include:

  • Children’s Parade to the Seniors Home: Children walked through the community playing instruments, carrying balloons and flowers en route to the local Mayfair Seniors Home for planned activities and visit.
  • Pay It Forward month and activities encouraged at community events and in Chinook Park School
  • Children’s Halloween parade
  • Bottle & fund drive for people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines raised over $5,500 for Red Cross efforts
  • Calgary Flood Relief Food Drive: Over 5700 lbs of food (32 boxes were filled—the goal was 10!) and $3,2240 in cash and gift card donations were collected by both young and old residents and donated to the Calgary Food Bank for relief distribution in Calgary, Nanton and Okotoks.


  • Pay It Forward event held to raise money for Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to train two teachers in Afghanistan in an effort to educate more girls.
  • Pay It Forward event took place at Chinook Park Elementary School. 600 PIF bracelets were distributed to promote the ‘filling your bucket’ idea at the school. The principal and all teachers participated with great enthusiasm and the parent community was informed and inspired as well.
  • CKE Pay It Forward cards were distributed widely to customers at the Kingsland shopping plaza. Vendors were enthusiastic with the idea of spreading good cheer to customers.

CKE wants to inspire everyone to make this community better. Have an idea? Let us know. Let’s not lose our momentum!