The new CKE Community Centre is here!  Yes, our brand new facility is open and fall programs are underway.  The effort of CKE board members and other volunteers has been incredible and the final weeks have flown by with all the activity to make this new Community Centre a reality.  Thanks to the contributions from everyone in the CKE communities, the necessary required items have been funded and completed.  Now that occupancy permits are in place and CKE has the keys, final items are wrapping up and we are transitioning the building into an operational facility.

Our construction partner, Centron, is wrapping up on-site duties for the end of September. We can expect continued activity as both tradespersons and community volunteers will be around to complete items. In an effort to keep costs down we are doing as much as we can on our own; thank you to all who came out for the furniture cleaning and sod-laying day on Sept.7th (there were over 70 people throughout the day)! Any assistance is appreciated as efforts will be ongoing into the fall months and coming winter season.

Thank you again to the CKE Community Board, community members and our partners, Centron and Casola Koppe Architecture for bringing home this beautiful facility.


Mike Cleghorn,
Construction Committee Chair