CKE Community Garden

CKE Community Garden members have been cultivating urban land and growing a variety of vegetables and herbs since 2010. The garden allows residents to have fresh, local produce at their fingertips located within walking distance from their homes (at the CKE community hall).

Each of the 10 garden plots can be rented as a half (4′ x 4′) or whole (4′ x 8′) bed. Annual fees are $20/half plot, or $40/full plot and are available to any members of the CKE community. Currently, the garden is fully subscribed. If you are interested in a future plot, please contact Sonja Johnson to put your name on the waiting list.

More about the Community Garden

The committee organizes events each year, including spring and fall clean-ups, movie nights and workshops on gardening and food-related topics.

Early this year, the committee arranged for a row of lilacs to be rejuvenated. This is an accepted pruning practice, which involves cutting the shrubs down close to the ground.

As the shrubs mature, the committee will be thinning out the stems to a small number of main stems. These efforts all help to improve the health of the lilacs, promote more flowering and improve visibility into the parking lot and garden.

How the Community Garden Came to Be

The CKE Community Garden Committee was formed in 2009 and the garden was built in 2010. It is now entering its fifth growing season. The garden was built with the following goals in mind:

  • To create opportunities for members of the community to garden
  • To create a stronger sense of community by bringing members together to a shared location, to achieve shared goals, and learn from one another with food and gardening as the catalyst
  • To create an opportunity for diverse members of the community to interact
  • To create opportunities for learning (demonstrations, workshops, etc.)
  • To create a location for community gatherings, events, etc.
  • To beautify the space and add interest
  • To help develop the CKE Community Centre as a gathering place

The garden was designed by one of the committee members and consists of several elements:

  • 10 raised beds, 4′ wide and 8′ long, built of cedar posts
  • Communal beds planted with prairie-hardy fruit trees and shrubs, rhubarb and herbs
  • Water-wise garden bed planted with drought tolerant ornamental perennials
  • A three-bin compost system
  • Garden shed
  • Rain barrel

The area is enclosed by an edging of treated lumber and all the pathways are covered with wood mulch (donated by a local arborist).

Construction occurred over a weekend in April. The bulk of the work was completed by community volunteers with supervision and additional labour supplied by Renaissance Landscaping.

The CKE Community Garden was made possible by generation donations and grants provided by individuals and local business as well as the following:

  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Renaissance Landscaping
  • The City of Calgary
  • Totem Building Supplies
  • Ecofootprint Grant Program
  • The CKE Community Association

For more information:
Sonja Johnson
[email protected]