Community centre feasibility study launched

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New Community Hall

The CKE Capital Campaign Committee is excited to announce the launch of a feasibility study for the new community hall. A local consulting firm with expertise in community sport and recreation facilities will be conducting the study that will guide planning for the new facility. The study will include a local market assessment, trends, operations and development options and forecasted operational budgets for the first three years of operation.

“This is an important first step and one that is required by The City of Calgary to ensure that our project meets the needs of our community for both the short and long term, and that it remains financially sustainable,” says Tony Messer, chair of CKE’s Capital Campaign Committee.

The overall goal for the CKE Community Centre is to provide educational, cultural, recreation and artistic enrichment opportunities for adults, youth and families in the Chinook Park, Kelvin Grove and Eagle Ridge neighbourhoods.

Over the past 12 months, input has been collected from residents to ensure that any future changes to the centre would be a true reflection of collective interests and concerns. People were asked what improvements they would like to see and how they would use the centre in the future. Submissions were received from over 176 CKE residents through an online survey during the spring and summer, at an open house session, as well as at the spring Wine & Whiskey community event.

HarGroup Management Consultants will use that data, facility and market assessments along with other critical information to develop a report outlining what facility will best serve our community’s needs.

“This analysis will not only help to drive the annual capital plan, but will also form the foundation of the future build,” says Messer. “The study will provide us with even more valuable information and insights into developing and operating a new facility.”

The results of the analysis will be released to the Committee and then presented at a community open house. The study is scheduled to begin in April with a predicted completion date of mid June.

HarGroup Management Consultants has conducted similar projects for community associations in Calgary, as well as for The City of Calgary and other community-based organizations.

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