Community Association Board 

The CKE Association is well served by community volunteers who step up to represent neighbourhood concerns and advance new ideas. Meet these local leaders who give back to the community in a highly rewarding and meaningful way. Thank you for your time, energy and dedication!


Merritt Ranseth (director since May 2017)
cell: (403)660.1141
[email protected]

Vice President
Marnie Sullivan (director since May 2017)
home: (403) 472.9373
[email protected]

Julie Story  (on board since May 2015)
home: (403) 990.3564
[email protected]

Chris Doyle (on board since June 2013)
cell: (403) 837.7344
[email protected]


Development Director
Sonja Johnson (on board since May 2015)
home: (403) 640.0551
[email protected]

Community Garden Director
Harry Shaepsmeyer (director since May 2016)
cell: (403) 258.0428
[email protected]

Facilities Director
Jackie Pontin
home: (403) 259.3345
[email protected]

Traffic Director
Brent Barker (director since May 2017 )
home: (403) 462.7873
[email protected]

Communication Director
Therese Miller (director since May 2017)
cell: (403) 870.8025
[email protected]

Social Directors
Liz Fontana (director since May 2015)
cell: (403) 455.3997
[email protected]

Ethan Sears (director since May 2016)
cell: 587.966.1276
[email protected]

Membership Director
Robin Daigle (on board since 2012)
cell: (403) 512.2511
[email protected]

Tennis Club Coordinator
Allison Brown  (in position since 1997)
home: (403) 259.6882
[email protected]


Dan Kennelly
Capital Campaign Committee (on board since 2011)
home: (403) 475.9325
cell: (403) 540.6908
[email protected]

Dawn Messer (since May 2012)
home: (403) 239.4201
[email protected]

Doug Ryckman (director since May 2014)
cell: 403.863.1662
[email protected]

Active Committees

Garden Club Committee – Harry Shaepsmeyer
Tennis Club Committee – Allison Brown
Membership Committee – Matthew Paige-Hanify
Casino Committee – September 2013
Capital Campaign Committee – Dawn Messer
All Wheels/Skate Spot Advisory Committee – Chris Doyle