2017 AGM President’s Report

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The last year was another busy one for our CA and our Board. We again had a full 16 directors. It’s a large group but works very well together and I think we’ve achieved a lot this year.

We have four directors who will not be standing for re-election this year; Alex Mazepa, Jonathan Hasiuk, Chris Zaharko and Matthew Page-Hanify will not be standing for re-election to the board this year. They have all served for between 3 and 5 years and I want to thank them on behalf of the community for their contributions these past years.

I touch on this every year, but I want to acknowledge that looking the board, when you start to add in the subcommittee’s; the Gardening Club, Tennis club, Wine & Whiskey planning committee, the Capital Campaign Committee, the rink rats, Heritage Soccer committee just to name a few, you quickly get to a very large number of people who are active contributors working to make CKE a great place to live. I want to thank all these groups and individuals for their hard work throughout the year.

We again held a series of successful events; Fall BBQ/Clean-up Recycle day was especially exciting as we raffled of a new car. The kids had a blast at the Halloween Party, The Blues Buster was fun new event in January, and of course everyone who was at Wine & Whiskey on the weekend knows how fantastic that event was. I would like to thank Ethan, Liz, our social directors as well as the Wine & Whiskey committee and everyone else who made these events happen this year.

Heritage Soccer is currently in full swing with ~ 300 soccer players registered again this year. With the range of activities going on in our community association, this adds up to thousands of volunteers hours contributed by hundreds of volunteers this past year. On behalf of the Community Association, I want to thank all those individuals for their participation. Our board works very hard, but it is a rewarding endeavor knowing we have such an engaged and involved community.

New Rink Tractor: Thanks to funds raised by the rink rats with last year’s wine raffle, along with an Amateur Sports grant provided by the Parks Foundation. We were able to purchase a new tractor and rink equipment this January. This was a big relief as our existing tractor began to fail last fall. Our rink rats work hard every winter and it’s so important to make sure they have the right equipment for the job.

Fundraising and Raffle: I think most of us will remember the past year as the year of the raffle. It may be a while yet before Wendy and Dawn can look back on it fondly. But it was terrific to see the community get behind it. It seemed everyone was selling raffle tickets.

Of course the big news this year was that in receiving the $800,000 CFEP grant that takes us substantially closer to our fundraising goal, and makes moving ahead on the hall this year finally feasible.


The new hall will of course be the focus of going forward. Finishing off the fundraising, seeing the project through the construction phase, and managing without a hall during construction will keep the board busy next year.

Hopefully most of you had a chance to view the latest designs at the open house downstairs.

Final design work began in May, 2017. We expect to begin the permitting process in July 2017. Construction will hopefully start in January and with completion estimated to be in September, 2018.

This meeting concludes my time as President of the community association. There is (mercifully!) a 3-year term limit and I will not be standing for president again this year. I have really enjoyed the role, getting to meet so many people in the community and working with such a terrific board has been great experience. I hope to remain on the board and stand for the role of secretary for next year. I would like to thank the rest of the board and the community for their support these last 3 years.

Chris Doyle

CKE President